Quality Inspections of Assorted (Double & Triple) Certified Airline Pig Containers
About Us

C.A.L. CONTAINERS (CERTIFIED AIRLINE LIVESTOCK CONTAINERS) was founded by Mike Murray and Ron Marzec in 2008 to fulfill a need for well built and designed Certified Airline, Livestock, Animal, and Cattle Containers. These containers had to be designed and built using only the finest materials to prevent animal injury or loss. These Certified Airline Cattle, Animal, and Livestock Containers are certified by all necessary government agencies and regulatory departments involved in approval and certification for animal safety as well as quality materials, construction, design, and airline approval for international and domestic airline shipping. (See below list of government agencies and regulatory departments C.A.L. CONTAINERS work with) 

C.A.L. CONTAINERS received such a great reputation for designing and building quality certified airline livestock, animal, and cattle containers and crates C.A.L. CONTAINERS was asked to start designing containers and crates for all different kinds of special applications and transportation needs for our customers.

C.A.L. CONTAINERS also designs and builds quality crates and containers for all shipping needs and types. Whatever your special application and transportation needs are C.A.L. CONTAINERS can design and build it for you!                 

C.A.L. CONTAINERS can custom build crates and containers to be used one time or for multiple uses, such as exposition and trader show exibits. It doesn't matter how your goods, equipment, products, or tools travel by airplane, boat, train, or truck C.A.L. CONTAINERS is your one stop shop!

C.A.L. CONTAINERS uses only the finest materials and has one of the best design teams in the industry. Try C.A.L. CONTAINERS today and you will be a repeat customer for life! Just give us a call or E-Mail our expert design and construction team today! 

(C.A.L. CONTAINERS Government Agencies & Regulatory Departments We Work With)

USDA- United States Department of Agriculture

FAA- Federal Aviation Administration

IPPC- International Plant Protection Conventions

ISPM15- Guidelines for Packaging Materials in International Trade

ALSC- American Lumber Standard Committee

IATA- International Air Transit Association for Live Animal   Regulations

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